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With Enginuity’s expertise in smart building technology, managing your energy consumption and reducing your carbon footprint have never been easier.  

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About Enginuity​

Enginuity provides industry leading HVAC and BMCS Solutions to all building types for optimal efficiency, energy savings and occupant comfort.

Through our collaborative approach, we tailor solutions that align with diverse project needs, solidifying Enginuity as a go-to for smart, efficient and sustainable building transformations.

Find out how our commitment to comprehensive solutions can cater to your evolving needs.

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Our Recent Projects​

Updating Hawkesbury Hospital’s HVAC System

Value: $2,000,000

HVAC Replacement at Mount Isa Village

Value: $1,700,000

Coffs Central Shopping Centre HVAC Upgrade & Extension

Value: $2,000,000

815 Pacific Hwy Chatswood Chiller Upgrade

Value: $500,000

Pullman Hotel Hyde Park Chiller Plant Upgrade

Value: $1,000,000

262 Pitt Street Sydney Essential Services & Mechanical Upgrade

Value: $750,000

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